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“Cities have the capacity of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

-renowned urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs






Who we are and what we do

OurSquamish is a community non-profit dedicated to enhancing Squamish’s public spaces. Our members are drawn from a variety of backgrounds and are united under a shared belief that vibrant public spaces are essential to community well-being. 


We work with other non-profit organizations, community builders, businesses and the District of Squamish to advance projects such as public furniture, shared streets, community events, and more. As an independent voice for public space, we promote creative, community-oriented urban design and foster public dialogue on important civic issues.


Current projects

Our focus areas in 2020:

Public Seating

Bicycle Infrastructure

Community Engagement

Teaming up with the District of Squamish to facilitate a community survey of public spaces.

Working with SquamishCAN and DoS to improve bicycle infrastructure. 


Working with partners to provide seating in the public realm


Sharing projects & ideas from local and afar

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